Entretelas Vestuario : Manufacture of tailored suits, vintage, historical clothing, medieval costumes, Romans, Greeks, centuries and rebirth, etc. Entretelas Vestuario, costumes, medieval times, historical, pictóticos, Roman era costumes, medieval costumes, historical costumes

Historic Costume

01. Choose your historical era

02. Choose your design

03. Choose your fabrics

04. Choose your accessories

Tailored Suits

01. More than 100 fabrics to choose from

02. Customise your design

03. Accessorise your outfit

04. Quality Guaranteed

Vintage Costume

01. Made to measure

02. Totally Customised

03. Accessories hand-tailored

04. Perfectly fitted garment guaranteed

How does it work?

Choose Choose an historical era, design, colour and accessories.

Measure Get measured to ensure your garment has the perfect fit.

Receive Get it sent straight to your home after a few days.

Entretelas Vestuario. Tailor of Medieval and Vintage Clothing

2nd Century BC - 5th Century: Ancient Era – Greece and Rome | 5th-13th Centuries: Early Middle Ages - Christian Era | 14th - 15th Centuries: Late Middle Ages - Gothic | Complements and vintage accessories | 16th Century: Renaissance - Golden Age | 18th Century: Enlightenment | 19th Century: the Revolutions | sewing materials |

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