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Female attire in Rome

Female attire in Rome

Learn how Roman women wore and the colors used

We shall see that men and women use common items of clothing, varying names but not their peculiarities.
Specifically feminine is the bra and pampanilla (diaper).
Avobe, directly on the skin, subucula, corresponding to male tunica, and over, the stola (reserved matron, lady of the house), similar to the male toga. The stola was a long dress, usually with sleeves and a pleated tail dress (instita).
It was fastened with a wide belt (succinta) at the waist and another (cingulum) under the breasts.
The patrician (descendants of primitive thirty curiae) wore a short tunic, luxurious silks, with fringe fabrics and gold ornaments. Above the supparum (short garment with half sleeve) or palla (large rectangular or square piece that was bent over and held her brooches on shoulders) were placed. The alicula covered the upper part of the arms and at the end of the second century began to use scarves, handkerchiefs, fans and parasols.
Common people used bardocullus, riding hood and sleeves of Gallic origin.
But the most important difference that distinguishes the clothing of men and women is in the fabrics and colors. Women, instead of linen or wool, dyed silks elected in blue, yellow, red light or dark green ...
Curiously, the maidens at the time of marriage, wore an orange veil, flammeum, that hid the upper part of the face, and that the Christian church imposed as permanent, indicating respect and decency.

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