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Medieval wedding

Medieval wedding

Entretelas Vestuario wears medieval boyfriends Laguna de Somoza

Over a hundred guests dressed in period held Maragata town . 's Wedding José Antonio Riesco , a descendant of the people, and Carolina Rodriguez.
Lagunas de Somoza yesterday traveled in time to the medieval era to celebrate the wedding of Sir Joseph and Lady Antonio Riesco Carolina Rodriguez. Both the bride and groom and guests wore colorful garments of the time to celebrate the bond, this being a mere representation at the request of the couple.
"Since they had always dreamed of a medieval wedding, my son since childhood said that if ever be married in Lagunas and medieval rite ," said José Antonio Riesco, father of the groom , who added that the parties usually carry clothes this style.
After several comparative market held Jose decides to dress Entretelas vestuario for making your costume "We had several meetings to specify all details ... Jose had very clear what he wanted and had a great challenge ahead to make it happen . " This piece was drawn by hand, completely handmade .
We also had the honor of dressing Godmother and some guests .
Carol and Jose are lovely and was very easy to work with them and understand what they wanted
The couple, 31 years old, ordinarily resident in Madrid , being the natural mother of the groom people and family of the bride from Ciudad Real. The wedding was attended by about 105 guests , with around eight children, who danced in the streets as if it were a movie fighting with swords pasteboard . Many of them bought or rented their costumes at Costume Interlinings to enter at the time.
The celebration began at 1345 hours , when two horses went to the house of spouses to pick first , and then the groom to the bride, which was accompanied by the music of drums and bagpipes. On their way through the village streets , decked with period style with flags , neighbors shouting "living bride " while the blushing by such excitement . Their destination was a carp located in the vicinity of the church, where an actor who acted as priest corroborated the link to the expectation of guests and onlookers.
After the consolidation of the vote and delivered the rings proceeded to the tasting of the food. The couple had thought that since they celebrated a medieval wedding food should eat with your hands , but the refusal of the family and finally used cutlery organizer . In the afternoon , to close , participants enjoyed an equestrian show just to close the link.
22/07/2012 Lagunas de Somoza . Diario de León

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