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New Year Eve

New Year Eve

Curious traditions for New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve traditions, always related to clothing, are various and curious.
The best-known tradition is to wear red underwear. This tradition comes from the Middle Ages. At this time the red was associated with the devil, blood or witchcraft and it was forbidden use it. But, over time, people began to think that if used as underwear, not seen and did not violate the ban, attract love, passion and life.
Today this tradition has become usual in many countries, such as Spain, Brazil, Italy ... However, in Colombia or Ecuador, yellow lingerie get to call good luck.
During the December 31, it's also custom wear clothing inside out, which usually means you expect a gift, but New Year's Eve is shown that brings good luck ;-)
In Brazil dismiss the last night of the year dressed in white, a way to have a year full of happiness. White and red candles light up on the beach.
In Ecuador and Colombia made dolls dressed in old clothes and symbolize the evil of the year. New Year's Eve burn them to start the year and even jump the coals making wishes. During the celebrations of the new year with a suitcase out to greet his neighbors, thereby they will have a year full of travel.
You can choose the tradition and please enjoy the evening !!
See you in 2016 :-)

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