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Romantic Liricirco, Teatro Municipal Bérgidum in Ponferrada

Romantic Liricirco, Teatro Municipal Bérgidum in Ponferrada

Morgane Jadou and Marcos Rivas, Maintomano,with costumes by Entretelas, accompanied by artists like Susana Cordón, Miguel Huertas, Sandra or Cirk About It, invite us to have fun mixing opera and circus.

Last autumn, among the events of the Romantic Year, the surprising proposal Liricirco Romantic was released. Put in scene by Maintomano (Ponferrada circus group) and accompanied by the soprano Susana Cordón, pianist Miguel Huertas, Sandra join with hoops and circus group Cirk About It.

It all starts as a lyrical concert that ends up being a highly entertaining game lyrical and circuses for the enjoyment of children and adults. The soprano Susana Cordón just becoming the diva Castafiore Hergé and pianist Miguel Huertas playing the piano upside down.

For this production, Entretelas has made costumes celebrating the bicentenary of Enrique Gil and Carrasco, always with the comfort needed by the artists for their circus acts. As shown, Sandra, wearing a corset that allowed her to make the amazing twists in comfort.

Susana Cordón wore during most of the show, a suit made with original patterns 1875. The biggest challenge was to do it completely removable for project needs.

The work of each of the professionals who have developed Liricirco Romantic managed to be one of the best features valued by the public in the Bérgidum theater in 2015, and the press: "Fresh, original, nice, poetic and entertaining" ( Diario de León); "From the best I've seen lately" (La Nueva Crónica).

We have left mounting photos in the gallery for you to enjoy watching a small sample of the level of the components of this show that it will continue having fun, hopefully for a long time.

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