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The bustle from the late nineteenth century

The bustle from the late nineteenth century

History of this curious fashion female complement the late nineteenth century

After 1870, bourgeoisie reassures after the crazy party and princess dresses that needed more than 14 meters of fabric and sewed by a fine craftsman.

So dresses backed out and placed over a bustle. It consisted of an inner shell tied to the waist under a couple of petticoats, used by accommodated women in the late nineteenth century falling straight ahead and. The bustle changed the female silhouette. From 1890, they stopped using it, making the clothes fall to the ground without artifice.

Crinoline was the predecessor of the bustle. It was a lightweight structure with metal rings that kept the skirt hollow without using several layers starched petticoats.

Women adapt their clothing along the history for their comfort, things that we appreciate at this time.

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