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The costume from prehistory I

The costume from prehistory I

Materials used since prehistoric times to dress.

The materials used by prehistoric man to dress necessarily correspond to the main demands of the climate and activities of daily life .
The cold periods left the Paleolithic caveman only two or three summer months for hunting. Hence the predominance of animal skins for essential body protection in the harsh climate of the last ice age is derived.
However, in warmer areas not suffering the effects of cold , rather than wear fur , adorned his body with paint or hunting trophies. both for spiritual reasons , tribal classification or status of the individual.
The skins also occupy an important place among the following Neolithic farmers in northern Europe and parts of northwest Europe.
The clothes that were worn on the upper Paleolithic period probably not much different from those used by the Eskimos of our era.
"In Roman times it was discovered that some tribes of northern Europe were still using animal skins as unique clothes to dress ."
Meanwhile the people in warm areas are beginning to discover the animal and vegetable fibers.
It is possible that the first step was the felting . This procedure , developed in the Neolithic in Central Asia by nomads , wool or hair is combed , washed and placed in a mat and kneaded and beat until all the fibers join and get a warm wetsuit and repellent water , also used to cover the stores.
Until the settled peoples , not start with weaving. Since they were very heavy and difficult to transport looms, and she will derivase basketry . To weave plant fibers to weave fibers passed both pet hair and after vegetables grown fibers, such as linen.

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