Entretelas Vestuario : Manufacture of tailored suits, vintage, historical clothing, medieval costumes, Romans, Greeks, centuries and rebirth, etc. Entretelas Vestuario, costumes, medieval times, historical, pictóticos, Roman era costumes, medieval costumes, historical costumes



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    Calle San Valerio, 4.
    24401 Ponferrada.
    León (Spain).
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Entretelas Vestuario. Tailor of Medieval and Vintage Clothing

2nd Century BC - 5th Century: Ancient Era – Greece and Rome | 5th-13th Centuries: Early Middle Ages - Christian Era | 14th - 15th Centuries: Late Middle Ages - Gothic | Complements and vintage accessories | 16th Century: Renaissance - Golden Age | 18th Century: Enlightenment | 19th Century: the Revolutions | sewing materials |

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