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Frecuently Asked Questions

How do I take my measures?
Take your measures with well fitting clothes on (i.e. a t-shirt) with a fabric measuring tape.

Take real measures of the body by keeping the measuring tape comfortably snug, but not tight (as straight as possible) fixing it with a finger on the inner side.  We give to each garment the necessary roominess for a perfect fit.

Which is my size?
At Entretelas Vestuario we do not work with standardized sizes, but bespoke for each customer according to their unique measures.

How will it fit me?
The product you are buying is a vintage costume. We portray specific costumes on each historical era and adapt them to each customer’s shape with modern needs of comfort and flexibility throughout a thorough handcraft process.

Can I ask for a fabric swatch?
As a part of the exclusivity process, fabrics are requested to our suppliers for your order only, therefore we do not keep material in stock. Nevertheless you can contact us and we will check the possibilities of sending over a fabric cutting to solve your doubts.

Can you bespoke a special item for me?
We are open to all sort of ideas. Please send us over your design and we will make a quotation for you.

Can my suit be fitted? (is very tight/loose)
All our garments can be fitted. We work with enough margin in the main seams to allow us to widen the piece if it feels a bit tight.

How do I receive my costume?
You will receive your order at your address, perfectly packaged and with an information sheet containing components, description and advice about cleaning care for each component, as well as a fabric cut for you to make trials of washing and ironing if desired.

Can I pay Cash on Delivery (COD)?
As this is a hand-made-to-measure garment, we cannot cover for this option, because the order is made exclusively for you.

Can I modify/cancel my order?
As long as it is made within the first 24h of payment. After that time the tailoring process starts.

Can I return my order?
As the garment has been tailored for you with the selection of fabrics and accessories of your choice this is not possible.

Entretelas Vestuario. Tailor of Medieval and Vintage Clothing

2nd Century BC - 5th Century: Ancient Era – Greece and Rome 5th-13th Centuries: Early Middle Ages - Christian Era 14th - 15th Centuries: Late Middle Ages - Gothic Complements and vintage accessories 16th Century: Renaissance - Golden Age 18th Century: Enlightenment 19th Century: the Revolutions sewing materials

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