Entretelas Vestuario : Manufacture of tailored suits, vintage, historical clothing, medieval costumes, Romans, Greeks, centuries and rebirth, etc. Entretelas Vestuario, costumes, medieval times, historical, pictóticos, Roman era costumes, medieval costumes, historical costumes

Professional Customers

Entretelas offers advice, design and tailoring to professionals.

Entretelas offers the possibility to tailor the theatrical costumes that best suit your needs.

We have a wide and intense experience in both private and public events, amateur and professional. Our customers range from large theatre companies to small and cultural organizations.

We cooperate with local councils in the design and implementation of well-known cultural projects and popular parades and also with private companies in the advertisement and exhibitions sectors. From vintage clothing to contemporary, fantasy, accessories, foam dresses, millinery…we adapt to all types of projects and budgets.

If you have a project and would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are specialist in tailoring wardrobe for parties, fairs and shows.

Trust our expertise to know what is appropriate for each event.

Entretelas Vestuario. Tailor of Medieval and Vintage Clothing

2nd Century BC - 5th Century: Ancient Era – Greece and Rome 5th-13th Centuries: Early Middle Ages - Christian Era 14th - 15th Centuries: Late Middle Ages - Gothic Complements and vintage accessories 16th Century: Renaissance - Golden Age 18th Century: Enlightenment 19th Century: the Revolutions sewing materials

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